What Is A Manhasset Mom

Manhasset Moms

An open letter to our community and those who like to write about us.

Although I have not had the good fortune to have lived around the world, I am honored to say that my husband and I moved here from our hipster NYC apartment 11+ years ago and have loved every minute of it.

In the past few weeks, my doorbell and my phone has rung repeatedly with questions about what kind of women are Manhasset Moms?

I’m so glad you asked. I can only tell you what I know.

In the 11 years that I have lived here, I have seen moms out in the rain in their pajamas well before 8 a.m., running around frantically (& successfully) searching for someone ELSE’s dog.

I have walked my dog, well past 10 p.m. and among darkened homes, seen many a kitchen window ablaze with a mom making a meal for someone ELSE’s family. This, while the rest of the family watches television or sleeps.

I have seen many moms driving kids of someone ELSE’s to games/practices/birthday.

I have seen many moms lovingly clean up and bandage someone ELSE’s children.

I have seen many moms dropping off meals for people who are sick or suffering or for their caretakers.

I knew (and still know her kids) a Manhasset mom who dropped off white envelopes into the mailboxes of families that needed a little help around the Holidays.

I am lucky enough to have befriended many Manhasset Moms who have donated dollar after dollar, hour after hour and meal after meal (plus whatever other resources she had and shared) for someone ELSE’s benefit.

I have seen many women help other women launch businesses/careers/educational pursuits/families.
This is what it means to be a Manhasset Mom and to KNOW one, is to LOVE one because they are a very special breed.

So, before we cast a stone, let’s take a moment and see what we KNOW about Manhasset Moms.

Meaghan Janedis

Lauren Moschitta


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