Manhasset Is Music


The article “Silver Jubilee of the 1964 World Fair” submitted by Elizabeth Johnson brought back so many memories. It seemed like it was just yesterday 50 years later. My daughter, Leslie McGuire, sang Let There Be Peace On Earth and is standing next to the piano. Sister St. Jane, the director, is standing behind her. How wonderful it would be if we could have peace on earth. Unfortunately, this does not happen. Recognizing so many friends of Leslie and Julie who were also in the choir picture was great.

I always associate Manhasset with music. My four girls, Leslie, Julie, Mary Jo and Kate were in the choirs and glee clubs and my husband, Bob McGuire St. Mary’s choir, “Port Singers” and the parades – Memorial Day, etc., etc. in Manhasset.

“Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life!”Berthold Auerbach

Nancy McGuire