Manhasset: A Vote with Lifelong Consequences


Not long ago, a transcript labeled “Manhasset High School” assured colleges that a student had one of the best educations available. No longer. Across the country, public and private schools have upped their game.

Christine Monterosso knows this. For six years, she’s guided the school board to push for excellence in our classes, our theater productions, our teams.

Manhasset High School graduates face a complicated, competitive world. Christine made sure we introduced engineering classes in the high school and created a first-class broadcast journalism center. After studying the successes of neighboring districts, she wants to add Robotics to our curriculum.

Manhasset residents are about to cast the most underappreciated vote of the year, with consequences for our families, our neighborhoods and—yes—our property values.

A great school board depends on great volunteers. That means members who are enthusiastic, tireless, fearless in demanding better and better—members who care equally about every family.

That is why I’m urging my neighbors to join me in voting for Christine Monterosso on May 17.

—Dave Marcus

Marcus, a Manhasset resident, is the author of Acceptance (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt), a book about Long Island students applying to college.


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