Made In Manhasset: ToTUS Dog Food


    Tired of the standard, unhealthy food being served to animals, Manhasset residents Michael Gray and Rob Collorafi teamed up to create “ToTUS Pet Food” — homemade pet food recipes with ingredients catered to the health and wellbeing of beloved pets.

    The food is full of nutritious ingredients.
    (Photo by ToTUS dog food)

    In a kitchen in Manhasset, Gray has been making his own dog food for 25 years as a side hobby from his career in business. Gray and his wife, Nancy, raised their family and their dogs in Manhasset — and all of the recipes served to his own dogs are now a vital piece of the ToTUS brand.

    Combining efforts with Collorafi, a Lynbrook teacher and human nutrition expert, ToTUS Pet Food was created in 2020 to improve the nutritional health of America’s pets. Setting up shop in Gray’s Plandome Road office, the team has been shipping their product since early 2023.

    Endorsed on their website by both nutritionists and veterinarians, ToTUS Pet Food offers food rich in essential proteins, superfoods and omega oils. By inputting basic information about your pet, such as their breed, activity level and weight, people can create their own subscriptions ranging from four different protein options.

    Whether it is a seven or twenty-eight day plan, the food can be delivered right to your door every two weeks. The ingredients are available on the website, and include plenty of nutritional value for your pet.

    Customers have reported significant changes in their pets since buying this product, and changes are being recorded from one week to nine months. Pets are seen having more energy, silkier coats and achieved weight loss goals in a matter of three months.

    Owners Gray and Collorafi are dedicated to the creation of an alternative to unhealthy kibble, and use fresh ingredients ranging from vegetables, plants and proteins to promote the health of the pets enjoying the food.

    Michael Gray and Robert Collorafi.
    (Photo by ToTUS dog food)

    The food itself is human grade, and the owners found a human-food producer for their formula. “By doing so, and sharing sourcing with their human food products, we assure that all our ingredients are literally produced for humans,” they described.

    When asked why they created this company, the owners replied: “We started this company because we love dogs and want to see them healthy, happy, and calm. We all want this from our pets, and we know this is when we are doing right by them. Nothing is more important to being healthy, happy, and calm than great nutrition.”


    Interested in a healthier pet food alternative? Visit or call at – 1 (888) 3LUV PETS (888) 358 8738.

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