Made In Manhasset: Designed Desserts


    Beginning by making cakes for her childrens’ birthdays, Dina Petrakis discovered a natural talent for baking. Working foremost as a teacher, Petrakis turned her hobby into an impressive side business named Designed Desserts.

    A cake featuring elements from Alice in Wonderland.

    At first, Petrakis was making these cakes as a favor for her friends and family — until she realized the potential her hobby had. Learning through YouTube and trial and error, Petrakis is a self-taught baker who turned her passion into her own business.

    On her Instagram, Petrakis has a full portfolio of her remarkable creations. From custom cakes to cupcakes and cookies, there is an abundance of confections available to order — “chances are anything you like I [Petrakis] have probably done it.”

    Going beyond purely baking, Petrakis also offers setting up and decorating a dessert table for the event, reporting that many people appreciate this personal touch. Since she offers so many products, her business is a one-stop shop for desserts and their display.

    Working with the coming and going trends, Petrakis aims to make her designs both relevant and timeless. A favorite creation of hers is a custom “Alice In Wonderland” cake for a child’s birthday party. Combining several mediums of decoration, this cake is full of detail and displayed on a decorated dessert table matching the theme.

    Petrakis credits many of her orders to endorsements and the publicity received from the events she bakes for. Word of mouth is powerful with small businesses, and Designed Desserts receives rave reviews from her clients.

    Orders are not limited to major parties or events, but often customers will order their favorite batch of cookies or desserts for themselves. Petrakis described a particular returning customer who makes her work well worth it.

    “I have a customer who does this almost regularly. I make these Nutella stuffed cookies and she said her son needs them in his life every single week, so I feel like we have an outstanding order of those just for her son. I feel, if nothing else, even financially, this is enough for me.”

    Even though this side business can feel like a full-time business, Petrakis says, “I love it so much that I feel like I can never say no to any orders that I get, and so it really is like a second full time job at this point.”

    Petrakis receives orders through Instagram at @designeddesserts. Check out her account if you need to satisfy your sweet tooth!

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