Luxurious Is Not In The Plans


    There is no School Board plan to “construct a luxurious, freestanding Administration Building to house the Superintendent and his staff of approximately 20 employees”.   Rather the School Board proposal takes the most fiscally responsible route to free up space for fine arts classrooms by repurposing and renovating the existing, freestanding Bus Garage and returning it to direct District use.
    The scope of the proposed December 3 capital projects includes renovation of the existing Bus Garage to house Central Administration, and this repurposing of the existing building in total will cost $3,231,600.  There is no NEW freestanding construction proposed as has been reported in anonymous emails.
    A check of the facts on the District website’s Long Term Facilities Planning page enables one to find page 34 of the ‘Final Scope of Capital Projects Fine Arts’.  The $3,231,600 total amount of the bus garage renovation is broken down as follows:
    $2,235,000 Bus Garage Conversion
    $  185,000 Grounds Storage Building
    $  326,600 Bus Garage Drain/Existing Sanitary System Soil Remediation
    $  185,000 Gas Tank and Fueling Station Removal and Relocation
    $   95,000 New Sanitary System
    $   80,000 Electrical Service Upgrade
    $  125,000 Site Restoration and Asphalt Repair
    Moving Administration into the bus garage is the most cost effective way to free up new and needed spaces for art and music students.  $10,000,000 is the approximate cost of doing ALL the work to reconstruct ALL the art, music and bus garage areas, and renovating the bus garage is the necessary byproduct of freeing up space for music and arts programming.
    PASS (Parents Aligned to Support our Schools) will educate the community about the details and importance of the proposed bond projects using only factual information.  It is of the utmost importance that everyone has the facts as they consider the issues so important to the future of our schools.
    Dino Moshova


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