Letter: Verizon Cell Tower Looms


Many Village of Great Neck residents are extremely concerned about a proposed cell tower for which Verizon is hoping to secure a variance at 307 East Shore Rd. Opponents believe the tower would lower property values, be detrimental to residents’ health and start an avalanche as variances chip away at current zoning laws, opening the door for other businesses to turn the lovely residential area into commercial property—and the tower itself won’t offer any benefit to the Great Neck community.

A flyer entitled “Stop Verizon Cell Tower at East Shore Road” has been distributed by concerned residents, along with lawn signs, encouraging neighbors to attend the second public hearing on the matter at the Village of Great Neck Zoning Board of Appeals meeting scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 4, at 7:30 p.m. Ten days prior to the meeting, the agenda posted to the Village of Great Neck website indicated that the case was “adjourned at applicant’s request.”

According to Leslie O’Neil, secretary to the Zoning Board, “They requested an adjournment and it was granted. They didn’t rescind their application, but they’re asking for more time and they were granted it.”

Amato Law Group, PLLC, and Verizon have not responded to requests for information.
The first hearing about the tower was held on July 12. Residents have been circulating a copy of a letter dated June 22 that only a select few, living closest to the proposed tower, received from the Incorporated Village of Great Neck Zoning Board of Appeals, notifying them of that first meeting—and are outraged that the majority of the community was not alerted. They feel that it was very secretive and sneaky.

“Village residents said that they never received any notifications and asked the board why didn’t they receive any notifications. The board said that the information was online,” said Jing Wang, who lives .8 miles from the proposed tower. “I went to the first hearing and listened to long statements from the attorney. The whole thing started years ago and no one knew. Even if I don’t have a good signal near my house, I don’t want a cell phone tower near where we live.”

During the first meeting, an attorney, an architect, an engineer and a real estate analyst discussed the impact of the proposed tower.

The second meeting was originally on the Village of Great Neck Zoning Board of Appeals agenda for Aug. 2 was adjourned until Oct. 4.

The proposal is listed as Case No. 2490: 307 East Shore Rd., also known as Section 2, Block 348, Lot(s) 64 and 65 on the Nassau County Land and Tax Map, located in the Mixed Use Zoning District.

Eric Helman, of the Amato Law Group, represents Verizon, is seeking the following variance(s) from the Village Zoning Code in connection with the roofmounted public utility wireless communication facility application, §575-119 D: The maximum permitted building height is 31 feet or three stories. The proposed building height is 51.25 feet and four stories. Variances of 20.25 feet and one story are required.

Resident are up in arms because they see this as no benefit to the Great Neck community.

—Sheri Arbital Jacoby,
Editor, Great Neck Record


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