Letter To The Editor: Thank You Raindew


We want to thank Gloria Bordeman and the Raindew family for all their help and support during this very difficult time.

As the owner and agent of the Nancy Morris State Farm Insurance Agency, I am particularly grateful to have a resource such as Raindew that can provide the products to help me reopen my office.  It’s very important to provide a safe and healthy environment for our team members so I’m extra thankful to have Raindew in our community.

Their support of the community and other local businesses has been invaluable. It’s so important that businesses are there for each other especially in a time such as COVID 19. Just like neighbors support neighbors, business owners need to support each other. That’s exactly what Raindew has done and continues to do.

Not only for my business but their contributions have benefited so many other Manhasset Chamber of Commerce members. Being a member of the Chamber of Commerce is like having a built in support system.

So thank you Raindew for doing what you always do by supporting Manhasset and everyone in our town.

-Nancy Morris
State Farm Agency


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