Letter: Sabino and Noone For Trustee Turano For Village Justice


We write you today to declare our support for the candidacies of Jennifer Noone, Anthony Sabino, each for Village Trustee, and John Turano as Village Justice. We are grateful for the  past service of all three candidates. We expect continued dedicated efforts on behalf of residents in the cases of Jennifer and John, and look forward to Anthony’s contributions in his new role.

It is no easy task to balance the interests of varied Munsey Park constituencies, but under the leadership of Mayor Frank DeMento and Deputy Mayor John Lippmann, crime is at a record low, administrative efficiency has increased, and deferred infrastructure projects have been undertaken while keeping taxes from becoming even more burdensome.

Our personal  experience with this administration began in 2013, when we received a strongly worded letter, including subjective commentary on the aesthetics of our home renovation, from the incumbent Building Advisory Committee, the members of which were appointed by the previous mayor.  Under the current administration’s leadership, the situation was easily and amicably resolved, and became an example of  how to create a more efficient and respectful process for residents. We believe that this subtle change has had a positive effect on home values, benefitting all residents.

It is our hope that these three candidates will continue to build upon this administration’s success and respectfully serve all of the residents of Munsey  Park. Please join us on Tuesday, March 20th in voting for Jennifer Noone and Anthony Sabino for Village Trustee, and John Turano for Village Justice.

Bill and Jill Harvey


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