Letter: Checks Stolen From Mailbox


Be careful. I received a call today from TD Bank’s fraud department. Apparently mail deposited into the mailbox on Payne Whitney Lane in Strathmore Vanderbilt was stolen. Checks I deposited, including one to the IRS were stolen.

Someone fraudulently presented a check for payment through her mobile app.

Fortunately, TD was suspicious and called me. We were able to stop payment on this check. Unfortunately, I was not as lucky with the IRS check. The bank honored the check made payable to the “US Department of the Treasury” notwithstanding that it was not properly endorsed and deposited by the bank’s mobile app! In the two hours since the first phone call from TD, they have tried to present two more checks. I have had to close my account and notify all payees. Lesson learned—do not use corner mailboxes.

Also, monitor your statements closely. This could have been much worse if not for the vigilance of the TD banker.

—Connie Fratianni


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