Legislator John Ferretti Launches Mental Health Website


One of the unforeseen issues that has popped up since New York Governor Andrew Cuomo issued a stay at home order is the lack of mental wellness. Being home often has created issues that people never imagined having, including a rise in anxiety and other mental health issues.

That’s what pushed Nassau County Legislator John Ferretti Jr. (R—Levittown) to create a mental health website, listing resources for families to contact throughout the coronavirus pandemic. The launch of the website comes during Mental Health Awareness Month, which aims to educate Americans about the severity of mental health.

“As a father of two young children, I know that the COVID-19 outbreak and quarantine are having an effect on our children and families psychologically,” Ferretti said. “Children are out of school, missing the normal camaraderie with friends. All of their pent-up energy, once released on the playground, no longer has an outlet. This leads to our kids inevitably ‘melting down,’ causing more stress for the entire family.”

The website, www.nassaucountyny.gov/4986/Mental-Health-Resources-for-Children-and, lists 18 different organizations that Long Island residents can contact for virtual counseling.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also warns Americans to avoid turning to drugs during this stressful time. While not being able to pay bills and an uncertain future are certainly at the forefront of this pandemic, the CDC does not want to see a rise in opioid-related hospitalizations or deaths. The CDC strongly recommends exercising often at home, as well as meditating, taking deep breaths and eating healthy.

Head over to www.cdc.gov to find out more information about the different ways to cope with anxiety and stress during the pandemic.
Meanwhile, Ferretti also teamed up with the Harry Chapin Food Bank, run by Long Island Cares, to host a virtual food drive.

“I know that many are wary of spending extra time in grocery stores or interacting with others,” Ferretti said. “The virtual food drive is a great way to donate without leaving your home.”

Visit www.yougivegoods.com/nclegislators to donate to the Harry Chapin Food Bank.


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