Joseph’s Barber Shop Celebrates 35th Anniversary


JoeBarber_040616FrontOwner and head barber Joseph “Joe” Commisso celebrated 35 years in business at 425 Plandome Rd. The weather outside this past Saturday, April 2, was cold and dreary, but inside at Joseph’s Haircutters of Manhasset it was warm and inviting. The place was bustling with its usual Saturday morning activity, but with a special twist. Many customers stopped by to congratulate Commisso, enjoy some special refreshments and get a haircut.JoeBarber_040616D
Commisso was born in Reggio, Calabria, Italy, where he attended barber school at the age of 20. He came to the United States around 1960, following his childhood sweetheart and now wife of many years, Rosa, who also hails from Reggio.
Working alongside fellow barbers Eddie and Joey, and stylist Tina Lelia, who provides full-service hair-salon care to the women customers. Commisso enjoys many facets of his work, particularly the social aspect as he has gotten to know many of his customers and their families very well. Compliments come to him in many forms—whether it be when an adult customer brings his young son to Joseph’s Haircutters for his very first haircut, or when he is asked to make a house call to a private home, hospital or nursing home. Often he is entrusted with hairstyling all of the main participants in weddings, bar mitzvahs and other special occasions, coming to work on Sundays by request, if needed.
Getting a haircut at Joseph’s Haircutters is often a family affair. On the day of Commisso’s anniversary celebration, Frank De Lucia was there with his son, Samuel. His two other sons, Francis and Dominick, also get their hair cut at the shop. Also, there were first-grade twins Alessandro and Francesco, along with their mother, Iris. The boys have been coming to Joseph’s Haircutters for three years. Their mother said that she likes supporting the businesses of the local community, and she appreciates “the experience of having a local full-service barber for young gentlemen.” Taking the boys for a haircut, followed by lunch somewhere along Plandome Road has become a regular “Saturday morning ritual.”
Longtime customers express much praise for the services offered at Joseph’s Haircutters. They include John Minogue, a customer of more than 30 years. Minogue, who was heading out the next day to attend the Masters at Augusta, commented, “If I didn’t stop to get a haircut at Joe’s first, they would not let me on the grounds.” A customer since 1990, John Altenau said that he likes coming to Joseph’s Haircutters because of the “friendly” and “very welcoming” environment where he can “pick up the news of the day” and see a neighbor or two. He added that he knows he will always get a “great haircut.” Russell Middleton, a customer for 19 years, said, “Joe’s the man.” Middleton, who often travels for work, occasionally has had to have his haircut in other countries but always returns to Commisso.
Attending the celebration—but not getting their haircut on that particular day—were Commisso’s daughters, Rosa Fazzolari and Maria Commisso, whom many Manhasset residents may recognize as the supervising pharmacist at Raindew Pharmacy. Both women spoke of their father’s hard-work ethic and his dedication and devotion to the Manhasset community.
If any customers missed the anniversary event and still want to offer Commisso congratulations on 35 years in business, stop by Joseph Haircutters on Plandome Road, or else visit his page on Facebook and “Like” him.



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