Josephine Foundation Contracted At The Schools Of St. Mary


The Josephine Foundation announced on Thursday, December 20, 2018,
that it signed an extension that will keep their Performing Arts Program at The Schools of
St. Mary through June of 2021. The Program offers elementary and high school students
an opportunity to learn how to develop their talents through the performing arts while
working with professional performing artists. The Program has received numerous
awards on the national, state, and local level while being recognized for its exceptional
work in education and development through the arts.
The Foundation also announced the addition of Ayodele Maakheru, who joins the team of
professionals to lead the Orchestra Program at The Schools of St. Mary. Mr. Maakheru, a
world-famous musician, songwriter, and performer is considered one of the finest
instrumentalists in the world specializing on the guitar, banjo, mandolin, electric bass,
harmonica, ukulele, djembe drum, and shekere. Mr. Maakheru joins professional
performers Andrew Joseph Koslosky, Richard Masin, Patrick White, Alyssa Pitaluga,
Reagan Stone, and Kelsey Gronda, at the Program in Manhasset.
All interested students are invited to audition for acceptance into the Program and
potential tuition assistance. For more details on auditions and the Performing Arts
Program, along with the activities and charitable works of this organization visit
The Josephine Foundation at


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