Hospice Care Network Honors Susan And Dan Brown At The Crystal Ball


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Saturday, Nov. 14, marks the Hospice Care Network’s Annual Crystal Ball Gala. Each year the gala honors a person or a group of people who have greatly impacted the organization. Since the Hospice Care Network is a nonprofit organization, the gala also provides funding for the upcoming year. The network administers care and support to patients with terminal illnesses and their friends and families. The honorees of this year’s gala are Susan and Dan Brown.

A married couple for more than 20 years, Susan and Dan Brown are well-known for their altruistic lifestyle. Both professionals, Susan in finance and Dan in real estate, they never lost sight of the good that helping others can do. This was an aspect they made sure to instill in both their daughters, Melissa and Kelsey. Yet, they will tell you that, “[their] service to others gives back more to [them] than [they] give.” This attitude is in part why they have been chosen to be honored.

While they are involved in many different organizations, the Hospice Care Network holds a special place in their heart. The services provided by the organization were vital to the care of one of their dearest friends and also to Susan’s brother, Dennis. Dan Brown stated that Hospice Care
“…helped [them] navigate the hardest parts. [He is] not certain that [they] could have dealt with either loss without Hospice’s loving embrace.” Since then, the Browns have done their best to support the organization that provided so much support to them when they most needed it. They are, “…involved as grateful beneficiaries of their services. [They] give [their] resources and have asked [their] friends to do the same because [they] are acutely aware of the commitment and quality of the services [Hospice Care Network] offers the Long Island community at one of the most critical times in people’s lives.” Without their endowment and financial support from others, the network would not be able to give their services when they are most needed to whomever needs them, regardless of financial status.

The Browns have seen the great good that the Hospice Care Network does. They have learned this from experience but also through the eyes of, “a lifelong friend [who] is a Hospice Nurse and therefore the face of the organization.” She helped guide them when they needed it. It was the combination of these exposures that helped to shape their attitudes towards the network. Susan and Dan will tell you that they are “grateful for having experienced Hospice in [their] life” because, “the fact is…that we are all affected by the death of a loved one at some point. Hospice Care understands the process and lovingly embraces the patient and those that will be affected.”

“Thrilled and a bit overwhelmed,” Susan and Dan are beyond appreciative to be receiving such an honor. However, if you ask, they will tell you that, “The honor really belongs to the Hospice Care employees that are delivering essential services every day.” So let’s give a collective round of applause to both the Browns and to the Hospice Care Network for their continuing service to better the lives of those in the community around them.

The Hospice Care Network Crystal Ball Gala is to be held at the Pine Hollow Country Club in East Norwich. For more information about the organization visit www.hospicecarenetwork.org.

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