Home Workshops: A Place To Live And Work


Having a home office is great for those who work for corporations and businesses that require computers, paper and telephones, but not all professions can be conducted in an office environment. Mechanics, artists, carpenters, fashion designers—people who work, create and fix with their hands—often require a lot more space to craft successfully. A home workshop can have myriad uses, depending on the owners: as a space entirely devoted to one’s profession where canvases can be painted, sculptures can be constructed or a car’s engine can be assembled; or, it can simply be a room homeowners use to fix broken household items and store paint cans and tools.

This lovely Colonial in Strathmore Vanderbilt sold for $1,650,000 on December 2016. The home, built in 1938, has three bedrooms and two full and one half baths, with two fireplaces. The basement has a rec room and laundry room. Situated on a 75 by 100 square foot parcel, real estate taxes are $24,369.


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