Hidden Agenda


Hidden in the third paragraph of an article on page 4 of the recent Manhasset Press is quite a story. Without any acclaim, without any fanfare and without any political grandstanding, the trustees of the Village of Flower Hill announced that, while reducing the overall tax levy by 1.11 percent, they were actually increasing spending by 6.46 percent. This is a remarkable achievement. 

In a faltering economy where there is strong pressure to limit tax increases, few other administrations at local villages, county, state or even federal levels can match this level of concern for the taxpayer and the financial skill of making more out of less. What a contrast to the spendthrift actions of our previous village administration. Their idea of financial management was to freeze employee salaries while providing themselves with hefty and expensive secret health benefits. What a transformation.

On behalf of the residents of Flower Hill, I would like to thank the Mayor, the Trustees and (most importantly) the Village employees for their dedication to putting residents first. At a time when politics is becoming an unsavory career, it is humbling to see an administration quietly going about its business in a way that many others should take note of and learn from.
Neil Smith

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