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Last week I reached out to all of our local elected officials and advocacy groups to get answers regarding the massive 80 foot utility poles multiplying daily along Port Washington Blvd. and that will soon line the main entrances into Plandome, Flower Hill and Munsey Park. Ms. De Giorgio was the only person who responded to my numerous e-mails, calls and other requests. While Ms. De Giorgio was very respectful of my concerns, the result of our conversation was that we would have to wait until March 24 to voice our opinions and get answers to our important questions. In the meantime, more and more poles would be erected into the skies high above our lovely towns. Although I have had no direct contact with Supervisor Bosworth, other than a prepared reply to my e-mail, it is my understanding that she and Ms. De Giorgio have been advocating on our behalf for undergrounding the wires and have been pleading with PSEG to halt the project. Senator Martins and Assemblywoman Schimel gave absolutely no response to my inquiries about the PSEG poles and their respective websites do not give any information regarding the project.

I started an online petition at KeepTheNorthShoreBeautiful.com, a website we created solely for this purpose. Others have joined our efforts as a result. We understand there is room for debate on how best to repair our infrastructure and that is precisely our mission – to demand debate from our local and state officials on matters that have, and may, affect our livelihoods, health, property values and overall quality of life. Many of us feel blindslided by what is happening to our neighborhoods, and for some, to our very own backyards. The continued progression of the project indicates that there is a lack of good faith from our officials and PSEG to discuss viable alternatives at the March 24th meeting.

While many of our peers are moving out of state because of the prohibitively high cost of living and disproportionate lack of 21st century progress in our infrastructure, I have always maintained that it is hard to duplicate the charm in other places. That charm is being eroded with each 80 foot pole that goes up. And after reading the comments on the petition, I know I am not alone.

Our objective in creating the website and petition was, and remains, for PSEG to halt the project immediately so that we may engage in meaningful and respectful dialogue about these issues with the officials we elected and the utility company that is intended to serve the public. I remain hopeful that all sides will carefully weigh all available options and collectively reach the best conclusion for our residents, especially in light of the safety and health concerns for those who live directly next to the poles.

I ask that all concerned residents visit our website at: http://www.KeepTheNorthShoreBeautiful.com/ where you can access the petition, our FB page and other information regarding the project. I also encourage you to attend the public meeting on March 24 at 7 p.m. at Harbor Links.

Christine M. Hogan

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