Haber, Right Choice


When people ask me, “Are you Republican or Democrat?” I usually say neither, because I am interested in voting for the person, not the party. I focus on what candidates do to make a difference, and I want to know about their beliefs, moral standards, actions and plans. I look at how they treat all people, if they’re humble and kind, and if they’re generous, modest and compassionate.

I only recently became interested in politics when my friend Adam Haber became a prominent name. He is currently running for New York State Senator, and my husband Paul and I will vote for him. The recent attack ads by his opponent are very disturbing to us, because we know the kind of man Adam really is and what he stands for. He is honorable and a real fine gentleman. Adam Haber is one of the most generous, genuine, intelligent and smartest people we know.

Why do I believe Haber is the right man for the job? Adam has a lifetime of successful experience in business. He knows how to use his financial expertise to ensure every dollar spent by Albany is spent wisely, to end unfunded mandates to lower our property taxes, and to create a business-friendly environment here in Nassau.

Just think about all our kids getting out of college and looking for a job. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if they could work in their own “backyard?” Adam Haber has an economic plan that calls for the expansion of tax-free business zones in Nassau County, the refinancing of debt in local municipalities and the annual elimination of unfunded state programs, all of which will help cut taxes, grow jobs and erase wasteful spending in Albany. Adam knows too many families in Nassau are being taxed out of our communities, many young people can’t afford to live here, and many retirees can’t afford to stay. Adam is against all new tax increases and will fight hard every day in the State Senate to reduce the tax burden on families. Adam knows how to work hard and he has stamina!

Just to give a few examples, I have heard Adam share his ideas on how to create more office space (jobs), cultural attractions (jobs) ranging from restaurants and bars (jobs) to theaters and art galleries (jobs), which would also be eligible for funding and financial incentives.

In the end, Adam Haber understands that it’s not the politicians’ money, it’s not the government’s money, it’s our money, and it needs to be managed correctly.

Susan Urban

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