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It’s 40 degrees outside and Manhasset Bay is whipped up with rollers and white caps.OTB_011316B The wind is all over the place, challenging the Race Committee’s attempt at a setting square starting line, and the sun’s warmth is hidden behind clouds. With two teams feeling the need to take a refreshing swim in Manhasset Bay, one a champion racer out of Larchmont, and a skipper overboard in one race, the conditions were perfect for the 85th Frostbite New Year’s Regatta.
The two-day event has been a staple at Manhasset Bay Yacht Club (YC) since the inception of the event. It all started back in 1932 at the Knickerbocker YC, and legend has it that this first regatta had everything a good frostbite regatta ought to have: it rained, it snowed, it hailed and grog and chowder were served all day. Since that day, tradition has taken a strong hold on the event, with an Annual Frostbite Meeting, complete with a Wassail Bowl, an actual meeting (of sorts) and very special awards, followed the next day with an awards ceremony.
At the Frostbite YC meeting, John Silbersack, MBYC vice commodore, welcomed all to the 85th New Year’s Regatta and mentioned that this was the first day of Manhasset Bay YC 125th year.
As with all good sailing reports, there are stories to be told. There is a really good one from Larchmont YC, who supported this event in a big way (thank you, LYC). Two young men, William Lipscomb and Brian McCloskey, met at a hospital seven years ago when their wives were giving birth to their sons, Christopher and Ian. They became good friends and as the young boys grew, the kids became friends also. Fast forward to last week, and these kids are now crewing for their fathers in IC Dinghies. They are both seven years old, share the same birthday and were born one hour apart. And they share the distinction of being the youngest crew at the regatta.
The very special awards mentioned above are created by Peter Beardsley, Larchmont YC, and as a scribe, very few can compete with him.
2015 85th Annual Frostbite Regatta: Past Commodores Race: 1. Paul-Jon Patin/ Felicity Ryan, 2. Pedro Lorson/Mimi Berry, Manhasset Bay YC, 3. Steve Benjamin/Brooks Daley, Larchmont YC.
Overall results for Interclubs: 1. Paul-Jon Patin/Felicity Ryan, 2. Simon Strauss, Julie Lelek, Larchmont YC, 3. Pedro Lorson/Mimi Berry, Manhasset Bay YC, 4. Keith Taboada/Sarah Gilman, Larchmont YC/Metedeconk River YC, 5. Henry Fernberger/Bronwyn Woodhead, Larchmont YC.
Winners in Idea 18s: 1. John Browning/Stephanie Baas, Manhasset Bay YC 2. Guy Crawford (crew unknown), Manhasset Bay YC, 3. Bob Schwartz/Tom Powers, Manhasset Bay YC.
2016 Perpetual Awards: Anchor Light Trophy (for special participation in the New Year’s Regatta finishing all race in the class): Brian McCloskey/Ian McCloskey, Larchmont YC, Commodore Robert W. Fraser (Past Commodore’s Race), and The Sam Wetherill (Outstanding Interclub skipper): Paul-Jo Patin/Felicity Ryan, Larchmont YC, Henry A. Alker Trophy (Outstanding MBYC skipper), John P. Barry (Outstanding Ideal 18 skipper) and Baker Taylor Founders Trophy (Highest percentage in the Annual New Year’s Regatta): John Browning/Stephanie Baas, Manhasset Bay YC. Ed du Moulin Trophy (awarded to the person who has contributed to the advancement of Frostbiting in America): Cynthia Parthemos, Larchmont YC.
Thanks to Pedro Lorson, event chair, MBYC Past Commodore Sue Miller, PRO and Regatta Cochairs Dana Schnipper and Vince Syracuse.
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Andrea Watson is a Port Washington-based maritime photographer and journalist. She writes Manhasset Press' column On The Bay and is currently the Executive Secretary of the Yacht Racing Association of Long Island Sound (YRALIS).


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