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I write to update you on changes to the composition of the Building Advisory Committee (BAC). First, a little background on the BAC. Like other similarly situated Villages, Munsey Park reviews all changes to the exterior of buildings within the Village. However, Munsey Park differs in one important respect from other villages: the right, in fact the obligation, of the Village to review and approve building plans was incorporated into the Village’s founding documents by its institutional sponsor, the Metropolitan Museum of Art. As the Met formulated development plans for what is now the Village, it relied on some of the most distinguished architects, landscape architects and community planners of the day to plan and develop a beautiful residential community. To ensure that the architecture of homes in the community met the highest standards, this group imposed covenants requiring design requirements, review and approval. These covenants were later incorporated into the Village Code and vested the obligation to review proposed exterior design in the Board of Trustees (BOT). The BOT in turn, by Code, has a committee (now the BAC) that reviews such plans. The BAC is charged with the obligation of ensuring that exterior changes are harmonious to nearby homes and contribute to the style of architecture predominant in the Village. It is a difficult task but the Village has always been fortunate to have residents who volunteer to serve on the BAC.

Recently, JJ Sacha, Mark Hayes and John McCusker stepped down from the BAC. Please join me in thanking JJ, Mark and John for their years of service to the Village. At the April meeting of the BOT, the BOT unanimously approved Katherine Prokop, Danielle Kaul and Kelly Turturro to fill these seats. Each of Katherine, Danielle and Kelly are exceptional additions to the BAC. Kelly and her husband Walter have been residents since 2016 and are parents to three young children. Kelly has a long history in corporate fashion. Danielle and her husband David also moved to Munsey Park in 2016 and are parents to two young children. Danielle co-heads the Capital Advisory Team/North America at JPMorgan. Katherine and her husband Mike have been residents of Munsey Park for six years and are parents to three young children. Katherine is managing director at Aster Talent Partners. Finally, Joy Susi and Joanie Toth have both been appointed to be co-chairs of the BAC for another one year term.

The BAC carries enormous responsibility but as we look around the Village I think the fruits of its labor are apparent. Nowhere, in my opinion, is there a more beautiful community than Munsey Park and while much of the credit must go to the Met and its advisors, the responsibility for maintaining the Met’s vision falls squarely on the shoulders of Joy, Joanie, Katherine, Danielle and Kelly. Please join me in thanking them for their dedication to our Village.

One final, important note on the BAC: the BOT has appointed Peter Albinski, AIA, as consulting architect to the BAC. Peter’s practice is based in Locust Valley and he is well-known and respected in Manhasset and surrounding areas as a talented and thoughtful architect. The Village is fortunate to have him as a resource.

—Lawrence A. Ceriello
Mayor, Village of Munsey Park


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