Flower Hill Discusses Local Laws, Roadwork


The Village of Flower Hill met for its monthly board of trustees meeting on Sept. 4 to hold a public hearing on five local laws and discuss road improvements.

During the public hearing, the board discussed Local Law H-2018 amending chapter 235 Wireless Telecommunication Facilities and explained that they received a letter with comments on the law from Verizon. The board will take a look at Verizon’s comments and adjust the law where it deems necessary.

“We received a letter from Plandome that they are putting a moratorium extension on the telecommunications law, which I believe is illegal, but they have been working with counsel who feels like they are entitled to do so just as a neighboring village they have to let us know,” said village administrator Ronnie Shatzkamer. “I spoke to their attorney and they seem to have some kind of exception that they were able to go under. We do not have a moratorium on it; that’s why we’re working on it.”

Regarding Local Law I-2018 which amends chapter 227 “Vehicles and Traffic, Art VI Schedules, 227-33 Schedule IX: No Parking at Any Time” to indicate no parking on Mason Dr. from a point 125 feet east of Dartmouth Road and west to the village border line, Shatzkamer explained, “Everybody is aware that Mason is a very narrow street and it’s hard to see oncoming traffic if you’re coming down Dartmouth. It’s a tough corner, so this should allow for visibility.”

Local Laws J-2018 amending chapter 119 “Fences, 1(A)” to allow decorative front yard fences only upon approval of the ARC; K-2018 amending chapter 240, Art I, 240-1 “Zoning, Definitions” to amend the definition of Structures so that flat patios comply with all setback requirements of the zone they are in; and L-2018 amending chapter 240, Art II, 240-6(N) “General Provisions” to add walkways to the section clean up confusion in the village code.

All public hearings for the local laws will be continued to the next meeting on Oct. 1.
Village Engineer Steve Lawniczak gave an update on the road improvements, explaining that all of the gutters on Chestnut Road were completed and that the gutters on Northwoods Road would be complete that week.

“There are a few panels on Northwoods which me and [Richard Falcones] took a look at which probably should be added to this contract,” said Lawniczak. “It’s probably about another $3,000, but they should probably get done. It’s a 16-foot section of gutter. There are about six panels that should be removed and replaced.”

The board approved the additional replacements to finish Northwoods in one shot. Lawniczak continued that Knolls Lane, where the catch basins will be refurbished, will be next. After, the milling will be complete, and Lawniczak said he hopes the roadwork should be complete by the first week in October.

Lawniczak also mentioned that on Thursday evening, Aug. 30, the contractors hit a gas line on Northwoods Road.

“The gas service, the code is 16 inches, which personally I think is kind of shallow, it was right underneath the gutter and when we picked the gutter up, and they scraped for something and they hit it,” said Lawniczak.

Shatzkamer explained that residents on Northwoods Road were evacuated from their homes, but fortunately, it was cleaned up by 5:30 p.m.

Trustee Gary Lewandowski also explained that the village is looking to extend the curbing at the 1063 Northern Blvd. Dunkin’ Donuts to discourage drivers from going around the island to cut through the parking lot.


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