Fitness Studio AKT Comes To Manhasset


AKT, one of the fastest growing boutique fitness studios offering a full body dance-cardio workout, continues to expand its franchise across the country and has made its way to Manhasset.

The studio, the first franchised AKT on Long Island, will present its grand opening on Saturday and Sunday, May 22 and 23 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., as AKT strives to bring a new and exciting style of fitness training to the community. Located at 1514 Northern Blvd., the new 3,000 square foot AKT is home to a studio outfitted with a state-of-the-art lighting and sound system along with top-of-the-line flooring and equipment. AKT certified trainers provide members with an ever-changing menu of workout options unique to the AKT brand—a kinetic approach to physical wellness coupled with cutting edge workout programs in pop fitness culture.

Since its inception in 2013, AKT has elevated the concept of dance-cardio into a full-body workout that not only includes cardio interval training but also strength and toning programs that are effective and accessible for all fitness levels. With four signature class formats—bands, circuit, tone, and dance—AKT pushes its members to sweat and burn calories in a fun, ever-changing and high-energy atmosphere. “We are truly your one-stop shop for fitness. Every class is a little bit different,” explains Brittany Schneller, one of the AKT certified trainers and a Co-Owner of AKT Manhasset.

The studio has been in a preview phase since mid-February, offering free introductory classes to new prospective members. Leading up to May’s grand opening, AKT began providing a full slate of daily classes to members in April. To ensure people receive the optimum workout experience, Schneller and her team of trainers work with members to set personal goals and create a realistic schedule to help them achieve their target. “We tailor programs to a person’s particular fitness level so members can receive a full-body workout. You don’t have to be a dancer or fitness junkie to join. Anyone can participate and we have seen a number of people from all different ages and fitness levels in the community already sign up,” Schneller points out. Classes typically average between 10-14 people per session at AKT Manhasset, as the studio is fully equipped to follow all Nassau County COVID-19 safety protocols. Before construction started, AKT Manhasset was able to design and install new state-of-art filtration and HVAC systems specifically to address any COVID concerns.

The AKT franchise has provided both physical and mental transformations nationwide. Community networks that promote fitness, good health and personal growth are being forged in AKT studios around the country and are the source of AKT’s strength as a growing national brand. Each AKT member class provides a 60-minute workout and incorporates a full spectrum of fitness elements from dance to strength training and plyometrics. AKT’s four different class modalities provide a mix of low rep/high weight to improve muscular strength and high rep/low weight to improve muscular endurance. The AKT classes also provide new choreography and content created every three weeks by AKT Master Trainers.

“Changing our programming every three weeks prevents the body from plateauing,” Schneller explains. “It’s one of the things that truly makes AKT unique,” Schneller says. “By the third week of classes, participants are in sync and on point. It’s a great feeling.”
The innovative concept is the brainchild of AKT workout founder and celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser. It was Kaiser who inspired Schneller to take her first AKT class when they met two years ago. Schneller was immediately hooked, and eventually became a certified instructor. “When I tell people about AKT, it’s coming from my heart,” Schneller says. “I’ve been in fitness my whole life. When I found AKT, it was a shining light for me. When the opportunity presented itself, I didn’t think twice about becoming an AKT franchise owner with the goal of bringing the fitness concepts that have helped me to others in my community.”

Members say they can feel results after four AKT classes, and they start seeing results after eight classes. AKT Manhasset is currently offering 20% off its unlimited monthly membership to its Founding Members for a limited time only. In addition to monthly memberships, AKT offers individual classes and personal training sessions. The first AKT introductory class is free. There are also plans to hold outdoor classes during summer.

According to Schneller, sign-ups have been strong. “AKT Manhasset was number one in the country last month among all the AKT franchised studios for new monthly memberships,” she says. “Whether you come with a sister, daughter, cousin or friend, everyone will know your name at AKT. It’s an amazing community with supportive instructors who provide an empowering experience and a safe space to work out and focus on yourself.”

—Submitted by AKT


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