Enough Of MPSA


Enough of MPSA and their distorted reality. Enough of their spam emails to parents. Enough of their nasty haranguing that ignores the truth and public education law. The MPSA does harm to our schools and our community because they skew reality and distort the truth.

Beware MPSA’s poisoned seeds of half truths and insidious innuendo. This from their recent email: “New York regulators have in essence warned Manhasset homeowners that the school board has mismanaged school funds.” Comptroller DiNapoli’s report only found Manhasset “susceptible to fiscal stress” because district reserves have been utilized in recent years as the community wished. Comptroller DiNapoli did not find mismanagement.

Most importantly DiNapoli notes, “Unfortunately, reductions in state aid, a cap on local revenue and decreased rainy day funds are creating fiscal challenges that more and more school districts are having trouble overcoming.” A Jan. 19 Newsday editorial put it succinctly, “…costs are not being held down as firmly as taxes.

The stress on districts’ finances will increase until they are.”
Plenty external forces threaten the continued excellence of Manhasset’s highly respected and sought after public schools; a destructive force like the MPSA and its inflammatory rhetoric does nothing to support or preserve opportunities for students. Our excellent schools need a unified community behind them to ensure continued excellence.

Dino Moshova

P.A.S.S. – Parents Aligned to Support our Schools


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