Elementary School Students Plant Vegetables In The Garden


Manhasset elementary school students at Munsey Park and Shelter Rock schools were thrilled to have the opportunity to plant in their school gardens with their teachers earlier this month.

Students were able to compare different varieties of kale and lettuce and planted from both seed and seedling. They also planted beets. The students will be able to observe the vegetables growing and harvest them for the local food banks. In addition to vegetables, the gardens contain perennials that attract butterflies and bees. These gardens provide many educational opportunities for the students, such as learning about plants and bugs in a hands-on environment and understanding where their food comes from.

The community gardens in the district were first planted in 2013 by a dedicated group of parents who started Planet Manhasset. Planet Manhasset is an SCA Committee whose purpose is to foster, create and implement ways to successfully adapt a greener living philosophy in the schools, homes and community. Over the years, Planet Manhasset has coordinated a number of initiatives related to the gardens and this philosophy.

Planet Manhasset thanks Mrs. Levine, Mrs. Pfister, Mrs. Moro and Mrs. Santomauro at Munsey Park, and Mrs. Fritz, Mrs. Mauro, Elizabeth Raeihle, Mr. Santiviasci and Mrs. Tran at Shelter Rock for taking these kids outside. While Planet Manhasset has maintained the gardens for many years, this was the first time that students planted during school hours.

The classes are looking forward to spending more time in the gardens later this fall.
For more information about Planet Manhasset or the SCA visit their website manhassetsca.org or email Planetmanhasset1@gmail.com.

—Submitted by Planet Manhasset

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