Election Results For Manhasset Villages


The five villages that are part of the Manhasset zip code held their board elections on Tuesday, March 20. The Incorporated Villages of Flower Hill, Plandome, Plandome Heights and Plandome Manor all had uncontested elections with a light voter turnout.

The Incorporated Village of Munsey Park had a much higher voter turnout. Early morning campaigning was done on the corner of Munsey Park Elementary with students carrying signs to vote for Noone, Sabino and Turano. Emails were being sent to village residents as well as postings online on Manhasset Facebook pages. The message was clear—go out and vote—and residents used their inalienable right to make their voices heard at the ballot box.

John Turano, the village justice, ran unopposed and received 461 votes out of the nearly 600 ballots cast. Trustee Jennifer Noone was reelected with 321 votes, and Anthony Sabino received 316 votes, edging out candidates Brian Dunning and Nathy Yakaitis, who each received 275 and 269 votes, respectively.

“I wish to express my deepest thanks to all who voted, especially my friends, for their support and encouragement during the course of this election,” said newly elected Munsey Park Trustee Anthony Sabino. “I will endeavor mightily to live up to the trust and confidence that you have so graciously placed in me.”

“I am grateful for the residents’ vote of confidence and look forward to continuing my duties as their trustee,” said Munsey Park Trustee Jennifer Noone.

Village of Flower Hill

  • Mayor Robert McNamara reelected with 54 votes
  • Trustee Gary Lewandowski reelected with 48 votes
  • Trustee Kate Hirsch reelected with 49 votes
  • Trustee Randall Rosenbaum reelected with 48 votes

Village of Munsey Park

  • Village Justice John Turano reelected with 461 votes
  • Trustee Jennifer Noone reelected with 321 votes
  • Trustee Anthony Sabino newly elected with 316 votes
  • Trustee candidate Brian Dunning received 275 votes
  • Trustee candidate Nathy Yakaitis received 269 votes

Total number of ballots cast: 596

Village of Plandome

  • Deputy Mayor Ray Herbert reelected with 38 votes
  • Trustee Andrew Bartel reelected with 39 votes

Village of Plandome Heights

  • Mayor Kenneth C. Riscica reelected with 91 votes
  • Trustee Silva Ferman reelected with 90
  • Trustee Dianne Sheehan reelected with 92 votes
  • Trustee Alvin Solomon reelected with 81 votes

Village of Plandome Manor

  • Trustee Patricia O’Neill reelected with 12 votes
  • Trustee Antonio DeSousa reelected with 12 votes
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