Elect Jennifer Noone, John Lippmann & John Turano


Munsey Park residents have similar interests: safety, protection of property and property values, good schools and assurance that their neighbors will uphold everything for which our community offers and stands. Each member of the Board of Trustees is elected to act on behalf of the community to preserve and pursue the common interests of those we collectively represent. The Board needs trustees who make good decisions and who can work collectively to complete substantive projects. Therefore, I urge all Munsey Park Residents to compare each individual candidate’s credentials before voting for candidates to serve Munsey Park.

John Lippmann currently serves on the Village Architectural Review Board and the Manhasset Board of Education’s Citizens Advisory Committee for Finance. He serves as a resident liaison to the Village and the Manhasset Lakeville Water District. He was instrumental in getting the MLWD to agree to take the radio tower down and is working with the Village to assert jurisdiction over the water tower. Professionally, John works in commercial real estate finance focusing on structured debt and workouts. Academically, he is an Assistant Adjunct Professor in the master’s degree program at NYU’s Schack Institute of Real Estate and holds an MBA from NYU’s Stern School of Business. The Board of Trustees and the residents of Munsey Park need his expertise. Negotiations over real estate sub-divisions, refinancing our municipal debt (assumed and used in 2007 for road repairs), and the MLWD water tower are imminent.

Jennifer Noone received a B.S. in Finance from Villanova University and a J.D. from Fordham University School of Law. After serving on the Architectural Review Board, she was appointed trustee in September. Jennifer is responsible for the roads, sidewalks, street markings, street lights, garbage, and leaf removal. Jen has worked with Munsey Park Elementary School, the Munsey Park Women’s Club, and the SCA to raise funds and install a new sidewalk outside the main entrance to the school; initiated road repairs using funds she obtained by the state; and repaired all of our street markings. Jennifer’s knowledge and experience will be invaluable in the upcoming months, as the Village will earmark a significant portion of its next budget for road repair and is in the process of renegotiating our garbage removal contract.

John Turano has been our Village Justice for ten years. Prior to serving Munsey Park, John was an Assistant District Attorney, a Deputy Town Attorney, and a Prosecuting Attorney. He specializes in the types of issues that are raised in municipal court. John’s credentials and contributions have given him the experience and knowledge to best serve Munsey Park.

For all of the reasons stated above, I encourage you to elect Jennifer Noone, John Lippmann, and John Turano at Village Hall, 1777 Northern Blvd., on March 18, 2014 from Noon – P.M. For more information about the candidates please visit their website at https://sites.google.com/site/bettermunsey/.

Frank DeMento
Mayor of the Incorporated Village of Munsey Park


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