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In the seven or so years I have been working on the helicopter and aircraft noise issues, the last two years working with Congressman Steve Israel and Assembly Members Michelle Schimel and Edward Ra, have been the most productive. Many of you read or hear about the the results of their work but not about the effort they go through to get things done.
At the state level Assembly Members Michelle Schimel and Ed RA have been on the forefront of the effort to get the PANYNJ to come up with a single noise complaint number, to get the Part 150 study authorized and most recently to get the 55 DNL contours included in the Part 150 Study. Getting all that done has been tough but Assembly Members Schimel and Ra never gave up. And with the support of Assembly Members Charles Lavine and Michele Titus, but without a lot of yelling and screaming, they did iit.
Further, the recent activities of Representatives Israel and Meng on the 55 DNL issue is part of a coordinated effort by the officials mentioned to get to the FAA noise threshold changed to a value consistent with recent findings on the health impact of aircraft noise.
In Reps. Israel, Meng, Schimel, Ra, Titus and Lavine we have a team of real, straight talking people who get things done.
Len Schaier

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