Editorial: Use Your Bleeping Blinker

Driving around Long Island’s cramped thoroughfares can be a lesson in patience—keep a safe distance behind the car in front of you, don’t smack the horn at the car in front of you the second the light turns green and refrain from blocking the side road when you are waiting at the light. Wherever you are going, take your time and take it easy. But then there are the times when driving requires rigorous stunt work and high-skilled maneuvering in order to navigate the throngs of traffic-causing road nuisances. However, one behind-the-wheel action that requires almost no skill whatsoever is flicking your blinker into the up or down position. And even though this is one of the easiest things one has to do while driving, it is shocking, unnerving and demoralizing just how many people on the road either forget or flat-out refuse to use their blinkers. People who do not use your blinker: Your hand is on the wheel, literally right there next to the turn signal switch. Is it truly that difficult to command one’s hand to move that lever either up or down? Do you feel as though it is just not that important? Or are you purposefully disregarding the rules of the road as well as your fellow drivers’ need to know if they need to hit their brake? No matter the reason, I can say unequivocally that people who do not use their blinkers are without a doubt the most contemptible drivers on the road. Something as simple as using the turn signal should not be the subject of an editorial, yet here I am admonishing a class of driver that comes across far too often during everyday life. Be kind to that car behind you—I don’t want to know where you’re going, I just need to know when you’re going there.

—Steve Mosco

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