Don’t Separate Boy Toys From Girl Toys


I believe that there should not be a difference between “girl toys” and “boy toys.” My name is Chloe DuCharme and I’m 9 years old. I have been to several stores and I have seen a boy section and a girl section. Others say that if you separate the toys from girl to boy it makes the store much more organized. I disagree completely because why can’t we just keep both “girl trucks” and “boy trucks” together on a small section on a shelf. That sounds pretty organized to me.

I have a question for you. Why do we call “girl dolls” dolls and “boy dolls” figures? I don’t see the difference between them. That’s another way that stores can be organized. Put action figures and Barbie dolls together in one small section on a shelf.

A lot of people say drones and remote controlled cars are “boy toys,” but I disagree. Actually those two toys are on my Christmas list. Other people say that scrapbooking and painting sets are “girl toys.” Truthfully I have seen some very good artists who are boys and love to scrapbook fun memories. So I hope that any store owner who reads this and organizes their shelf with “boy toys” and “girl toys” will change that. Thank you for taking your time to read this letter.

—Chloe DuCharme

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