Disgusted By MPSA’s Negative Energy


I am a Nassau County public school science educator and a new resident of Manhasset. My family moved here primarily for the school district. Last spring, my eyes were opened when the community did not support the initial school budget.

I did a bit of research to fully understand the dynamic that exists here in Manhasset. I realized that there is a group called the Manhasset Proponents of School Accountability (MPSA) and they have done nothing but metastasize negative energy throughout the entire town.

I would describe them as a virus that does not go away. While we are all entitled to our democratic opinions, it’s unacceptable to use out of context quotes and make unsubstantiated accusations about the Manhasset School District in order to drive their questionable goals.

It appears as if they are stabbing at the morality of Manhasset. How funny that the organization identifies itself as a proponent for school accountability. I perceive them as a proponent for school and community destructibility. This behavior needs to be recognized for what it is, an attempt to undermine the Manhasset School District.

I began to wonder why this organization even exists. Why does such an affluent and intelligent community allow itself to be misled by an organization that is out to destroy Manhasset? I thought it might have something to do with the good majority of residents working in finance. The truth is many of the finance dads actually do care about the schools and want to preserve what makes Manhasset so special.

Last year’s second budget vote proved that! So what is it then? It’s the MPSA’s pathogenic message that chips away at the sense of pride the people of Manhasset actually have for their community.

As a high school educator, I want to stress the importance of who to listen to and where to look in order to get the true facts about the school budget. As we approach budget season in the upcoming months, we need to be thinking about issues that will ultimately impact Manhasset schools. Consider the source of the information you read. Good sources of information are the Manhasset School Board, P.A.S.S. Manhasset, or the Manhasset SCA/CEC.

If you have questions, contact the school board and ask them directly. They represent you and the best interests of the school children of Manhasset.

Nick Pappas

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