Delayed Village Elections Finally Take Place

Plandome Village Hall

Correction: An earlier version of this story misspelled Ray Herbert’s name as “Ray Hubert.” It also incorrectly stated that Herbert stepped down before his term ended. Herbert decided not to run for reelection.

Village elections finally took place on Tuesday, Sept. 15, after being delayed in March and June due to concerns over the pandemic. Village elections were done in-person and by absentee ballot. Here are the results for Munsey Park, Plandome, Plandome Manor and Plandome Heights:

Munsey Park
Trustee (top two win):
Greg LiCalzi – 147 votes
Regina Im – 102 votes
Anthony Sabino (incumbent) – 101 votes
John Dellaquila – 66 votes

Munsey Park and Flower Hill were the only villages in Manhasset that had contested elections this year. Incumbent trustee Anthony Sabino narrowly lost in a tight race by one vote to Regina Im. Greg LiCalzi was the top vote getter with 147 votes. Deputy Mayor Jennifer Noone decided not to run for reelection this year so Mayor Lawrence Ceriello will have to appoint one of the trustees to the position.

“We owe a debt of gratitude to Anthony and Jen for their years of service to the village,” Ceriello said in statement to residents. “Jen was a long-standing member of the board of trustees, first as trustee and later as deputy mayor. Anthony first served on the building advisory committee and, more recently, the board of trustees. We also want to extend our thanks to John Dellaquila who offered his service to the village in this election. As a Village, we are lucky to have residents such as Jen, Anthony, Regina, Greg and John who are willing to step forward to serve their fellow residents and I am grateful for their participation. Munsey Park is a richer community for their involvement.”

The new trustees will have their first board of trustees meeting on Oct. 14 at 7:30 p.m.

Plandome Heights
Kenneth C. Riscica – 139 votes
Trustee (top three win):
Silva Ferman – Trustee with 124 votes
Dianne Sheehan – Trustee with 129 votes
Alvin Solomon – Trustee with 122 votes

The Village of Plandome Heights elections went uncontested for all four positions on the ballot. Mayor Kenneth Riscica and trustees Silva Ferman, Dianne Sheehan and Alvin Soloman will all continue in their current roles.

Trustee (top two win):
James Corcoran – 66 votes
Robert Broderick – 63 votes
Special Election trustee (top wins):
John “Jake” Kurkjian – 66 votes

Plandome will have three new trustees after Deputy Mayor Ray Herbert, trustees Andrew Bartels and Greg Westfall decided not to run for reelection. James Corcoran and Robert Broderick will serve for two years and John Kurkjian will have a one year term. Mayor Thomas Minutillo will also have to appoint a trustee to become the new deputy mayor. There were no write-in votes casted this year in Plandome after Minutillo won his election for Mayor last year through write-in votes over Bartels.

Plandome Manor
Patricia O’Neill (incumbent) – 20 votes
Antonia DeSousa (incumbent) – 20 votes

Trustees Patricia O’Neill and Antonia DeSousa will continue in their roles as trustee after not being challenged for their seats. Plandome Manor had the lowest turnout for Election Day in Manhasset, garnering only 20 total voters.

Editor’s note: For the Village of Flower Hill results, click here


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