De Lis Makes Beauty Magic


delisManhasset’s one stop beauty salon is located at 576 Plandome Rd. De Lis Salon and Spa specializes in beauty from head to toe, offering hair treatments, cuts, massages, facials, waxes, and more. Residents take advantage of their local salon while clients come from all areas to look and feel beautiful.

“I’ve lived here my entire life, and I absolutely love coming here. I come here to get my hair colored, cut and blown out often. I have to visit every week for at least a blow out,” said Daniela Calosso.

Store owner Erick Ilizarov pursued his dream by opening the salon three years ago. Before opening De Lis, inspired by his wife’s name, Lily, he worked as a hair stylist in Great Neck. His leap to start his own salon was life changing, and he is very proud of helping others look and feel beautiful.

“The salon and spa means so much to me. I always loved styling and coloring hair. The move to Manhasset was like a signal from God. It’s the best move I’ve ever made,” said Ilizarov.

Putting together and designing what is now De Lis was very important to Ilizarov. He wanted to incorporate his own personal style into his business.

“I personalized everything in here—everything from A to Z without any help, but that comes naturally with being an artist. I am an artist, and I want to make people feel beautiful,” said Ilizarov.

Spending about 30 minutes with each client, hair stylists cut and style hair for women, men and children. Clients also can experience Moroccan oil, Shea butter, protein and wellness treatments, along with straightening and perms.

Ilizarov is especially proud of his spa located on the second floor. Clients are greeted by relaxing music and an inviting atmosphere.

The salon features five rooms, two for massages and facials and another for waxing and eyebrow threading. Clients have the choice of different facials treatments including Microdermabrasion, Micro Current and LED light therapy.

“The whole idea of the spa is so that women who come here to do their hair can also do their skin,” said Stella Aulova, who runs the spa Wednesdays through Sundays. “It’s like entering a whole different world when you walk downstairs to the spa. After clients get treatments, they walk back upstairs, and they can’t believe the difference. It is very quiet and relaxing,”

Having a wonderful staff and becoming a familiar place in Manhasset is what makes De Lis special to Ilizarov.

”The way we are, we work as a team. For me creating a business is like creating a family,” said Ilizarov. “We are in the heart of Manhasset. It’s a one-stop-shop to feel beautiful. Each year we grow more and more, and I’d like to thank our wonderful clients and team here at the salon.”

To view the large selection of salon and spa treatments, visit The phone number is 516-365-6500.



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