Crew Team Is Victorious At First Scrimmage


By Maria Fournaris Crew_101415A

On Saturday, Sept. 27, the Manhasset Crew team went head to head with their neighboring squad, Port Rowing. This scrimmage consisted of four race categories: varsity women, varsity men, novice women and novice men. Each race was an opportunity for both teams to gain a certain amount of points. Ultimately, Manhasset came out on top, leaving both rowers and coaches excited for the season to come. Coach Tom Keegan, the assistant varsity women’s coach, viewed this past weekend as good practice for future and more intense races. In regards to the most challenging and elite regatta of the season, the Head of the Charles, Coach Keegan said, “What I appreciated most was the fact that we could get a great first regatta in before we head out for championship season.”

This scrimmage was a particularly momentous occasion for the novice portion of the team, seeing as it was their first race as Manhasset rowers. When asked how the race went, the novice girls spoke with excitement. “We did really well,” said Mary Nikakis. “We stuck together and believed in ourselves.” This is exactly the attitude Coach Chris Massey, the novice women’s coach, loves to hear. He said, “As the season goes on, I expect them to feel more confident in their pieces and about themselves.” The sophomores of the varsity women’s squad are hopeful (and confident) that this year’s novice squad will carry on the success of their previous seasons.

Meanwhile, the varsity women set high standards for themselves for the upcoming season. Although the V1 boat placed first in the varsity women’s category, some of the girls still feel as though they have not reached their limit. Belle Caton said, “There’s definitely room for improvement and things for us to work on as a team for our upcoming regattas.” Coach Keegan, however, took pride in the outcome of the races, saying, “I was extremely proud to watch all the boats go down. We were fortunate enough to have success in the results.” This same success is expected to continue throughout the season.

The varsity men’s team also found success on Saturday. Luca Mancuso said, “Although I was soaked in water by the end, I enjoyed participating.” Although their squad did not place first in their category, the boys gave the race their all and took pride in the piece. They have high hopes for the rest of the season, and will grow and improve with the rest of the team.

Manhasset Crew’s next chance to come out on top will be on Oct. 10, at the Head of the Housatonic in Connecticut. Until then, the team continues to work hard and strive to be better.


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