Campaign Signs


We all understand every candidate’s need to advertise your name seeking election and support your efforts to serve this community. The Council of Greater Manhasset Civic Associations seeks your campaign’s voluntary cooperation with the following Common Sense Guidelines we adopted in 2017 that address SAFETY FIRST – the chronic annual condition of signs that divert attention of drivers by being placed at heavily trafficked vehicle and pedestrian intersections or dangerous blind roadway curves, and that cause visual littering in our communities. The Common Sense Guidelines are:

No signs:

• Prior to six weeks before the election day.
• On municipality owned (Public) property- which wrongly convey a municipality’s endorsement of any candidate.
• Within 75 feet before any intersection with a traffic control device or crosswalk.
• Within 75 feet before any posted official yellow roadway warning sign (bind curves, pedestrian crossings, RR track).
• No more than two signs of the same sign within 75 feet of any other campaign sign.
• Maintain list of locations where every sign is placed that you can then use to remove every sign by 10 days after the election.

Additional background of this issue is posted on the Greater Council website: and we wish all candidates a productive campaign.

—Rich Bentley, President of the Council of Greater Manhasset Civic Associations, Inc.


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