Bua: The Complete Package


I’ve had the privilege of knowing Frank Bua for more than 25 years. More accurately, I knew of Frank Bua after meeting a number of his students, who seemed unusually self-assured and were knowledgeable and articulate, with a poise not always found in middle school students. I had heard of Frank’s superb teaching, nurturing students who were inquisitive, independent thinkers with a love for learning. I first had my chance to meet Frank several years later in my role as a member of the Board of Education in Great Neck. We had hosted the first of several informal annual meetings and I recall that Frank spoke freely about what is needed in order to relieve some of the angst that seems commonplace with students growing up in the twenty-first century. I saw firsthand how deeply Frank cares for children. However, he also understands the constraints governing a body that has a fiscal responsibility to the taxpayers in a community. He knows firsthand the balancing act that boards constantly need to straddle between “I want” and “I can afford.” He always keeps his eye on the big picture.

I’ve enjoyed all the conversations I’ve had with Frank, and there have been many, as he’s not just a master teacher, but he’s also become a master partner in advocating for our children. I’ve seen his ability to work with a room full of people representing varying constituencies. He’s thoughtful, measured, and able to express his view while respecting the opinions of others, always looking to find common ground. There is tremendous value to have someone on a school board who speaks but also listens. It is a skill which you either have or you don’t: Frank Bua has it.

Some years back when I heard that he was looking to buy a house here in Nassau County I was hoping that he would find one in Great Neck for the purely selfish reason that he could join our board when he was ready to tackle the job. I never told him that.

Teacher, father, community partner, consensus builder—Frank Bua is the complete package as he excels in all roles. If you, our neighbors in Manhasset, vote for Frank Bua to join your school board, you will be the fortunate ones. Don’t let him get away.

—Barbara Berkowitz


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