Bua For School Board


I am writing on behalf of my friend and colleague, Frank Bua, candidate for Manhasset’s Board of Education (BOE). Frank is a Munsey Park neighbor whom I’ve come to know and admire in the course of our shared civic and community work in the last several years. He has served as a middle school history teacher and department chairperson in the highly regarded Great Neck School District for many years and is himself the parent of two sixth graders. My own background in education as a school psychologist, and as a parent of a middle and high schooler has led me to a special appreciation of Frank’s gifts as an educator, as a parent, and as a concerned citizen. In our civic work together, he has demonstrated the will and the leadership needed to address and solve intractable problems, not just talk about them.

A teacher with 26 years of experience, Frank is a master of the daily ongoing challenge of educating a diverse population of students, who is also deeply knowledgeable about New York State educational law, curriculum guidelines, and the mental health needs of our youth. He is beloved by his students, and to quote one of them, “…You inspire me….You always bring positive energy.” As a teacher, I believe Frank is the kind of person beloved poet Maya Angelou had in mind when she said, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you’ve said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Frank will bring his talents to bear to meet the needs of all the students in Manhasset. For as long as I have known Frank, he has been a friend to all. He will stand up for those most in need, seeking thoughtful, caring solutions. He will be an advocate for differentiation in learning and meeting the needs of diverse and unique learners. As an educator, Frank has continually demonstrated his passion, authenticity, and genuine love for the craft of teaching.

Frank’s mastery as an educator is surely enhanced by his exceptional personal qualities. As I have stated above, I have had the pleasure of working with Frank over the last few years and I have observed no one with more positive energy, enthusiasm and motivation. He is a team builder who is able to reach consensus and offer fresh perspectives, articulating his own ideas persuasively, while being open and respectful to opposing views. He is willing to do the hard work involved and does not shy away from a challenge. All of this while never losing his wonderful sense of humor.

For all of these reasons, I support Frank Bua for Manhasset BOE wholeheartedly and without reservation. Our school district would be lucky to have him serving on our board of education. Thank you for your consideration of my fellow educator, neighbor and friend.

—Jennifer Johnston


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