Bua For Board Of Education


I have known Frank Bua his entire life. Truth be known, I was friends of his family and actually babysat him when he was a toddler. Throughout his entire life, from his youth as a Boy Scout to his role serving on national non-profits, from his career in education to his passion to give back, I have been impressed by his commitment to service from his earliest days. The apple didn’t fall from the family tree here.

As an educator, Frank has a deep understanding of both sides, appreciates the value of incrementalism, and works to avoid mistakes of the past. His voice can help elucidate what does and does not work in the classroom. He will have an understanding of what is needed to make sure the schools are doing their best to support our students and that it is implemented with a process that will actually work.

As a parent, Frank knows what impact decisions during the school day have at the end of the day, and what the students are bringing home with them. This is a unique insight and one that can provide great benefit to our community.

Frank will champion the need to once again work together with what we have in common, our community. I am supporting Frank because I know he will strive to be a unifying force, someone who finds common ground with his focus on a value we all share; the best interest of the children of Manhasset.

On May 18, I hope you will join me in voting to put Manhasset first by voting for Frank Bua.

—Ann Gray Graf


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