Bigger, Better Cafeterias And More

Munsey Park Elementary

Board of ed discusses latest construction updates

The Manhasset Board of Education met for their second monthly meeting on Aug. 24 to discuss the new Senior Privilege Area (SPA), the updates made to the Munsey Park Elementary School and Manhasset High School cafeterias and new hires.

The board accepted the gift of $14,203.78 from Manhasset School Community Association (SCA) for furniture to refurbish the high school SPA. Newly confirmed SCA co-presidents Marybeth Accurso and Nancy Schlaefer were present at the meeting to explain how their donation to the school will be used to refurbish and paint the SPA.

“Originally there weren’t enough tables there and I think [principal Dr. Dean Schlanger] wanted to get more students using it,” said Schlaefer. “It’s going to be like a Starbucks. That’s what he envisioned. There are going to be new tables and there is going to be a bar along the wall with outlets to plug in. It’s all along the wall and there’s pull-out chairs, so kids can join a table or pull up a stool.”

Deputy Superintendent for Business and Finance Rosemary Johnson discussed the Munsey Park Elementary School cafeteria update, explaining that the entire cafeteria was gutted to make way for new equipment and new tiling.

“We have expanded the kitchen area including the serving line so there are two separate serving lines,” said Johnson. “The Munsey Park cafeteria was never made to handle the volume of students that pass through the cafeteria. In addition, the students had to queue up for the serving line in the hallway and therefore be quiet and observe all the rules of the hallway when lunchtime is a time for relaxation and socialization. Now the students will be able to line up in the cafeteria and there will be a separate cold lunch line. There will be two cashiers, not one cashier.”

Johnson explained that the Manhasset Secondary School cafeteria will be bumped out to create additional seating for students and the project will be completed in two stages. Phase one of the construction included the foundation and other underground materials being dug up and replacement of oil tanks. Phase two of the construction will be the laying of the foundation and flooring and bumping out of the cafeteria.

“The other change to the cafeteria that will also occur in the fall is the bump out of the grab-and-go area,” said Johnson. “That’s the area on the far end where we have walkaway snacks, sandwiches, salads and things like that. We are replicating the deli line, so we will have two deli lines, so where the paninis are where the line is always so long and children do not have an adequate amount of time to sit and eat, we will now have two places where there are made to order sandwiches and paninis. We will be installing a full serving line there. What I envision is that by the time January comes, we’ll have a grand opening of the food services complex.”

While the construction will continue throughout the first half of the year, a wall was put up to separate the cafeteria from the area of construction.

Approved for hire were Evelyn Mastriano to a four-year probationary appointment as a world languages teacher, Jenap Turk to a three-year probationary appointment as a technology education teacher and Karin Greenberg to a four-year probationary appointment as a part-time library media specialist and a four-year probationary appointment as a part-time teacher assistant.

The next board of education meeting will be held Sept. 7 at 8 p.m. in the administration building.


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