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Luis Cepeda has specialized in high-end men’s clothing for more than 20 years and brought his expertise to Manhasset with the opening of his store Baldini for Men. The name Baldini comes from the high-end men’s clothing store in Manhattan on Madison Avenue, Dino Baldini, where Cepeda had worked for 20 years and gained knowledge about the top Italian brands that he now brings to Manhasset. baldini_011117a
“It’s my specialty,” said Cepeda. “I know the clothing business very well, so I have a very extensive background in high-end men’s clothing. We are able to help the customers pick the best fabrics and the best styles for them, so they will have a nicely finished garment.”
Baldini for Men carries anything a man needs from tuxedos to casual clothing. Cuff links, fragrances, khakis, jeans and unique ties fill the modern store with color. All products Cepeda sells come from Italian designers such as Pal Zileri, Ravazzolo, Pantalon Torini Jeans, Stenströms, Alberto Jeans, Luciano Moresco, Italo Ferreti and Vigano. Their most high-end shirts come handmade from Marol.
“It’s a young look,” said Cepeda. “Our customers are from their early 20s to 90. We are able to give you a very updated, very modern look no matter what your age, so we are able to pick the best fabrics from all over the world so the silhouettes can complement your body. What I try to do is instead of the clothes carrying you, you carry the clothes. You can put it on and look a lot smarter, a lot more tailored. If you want to look casual, you are going to look casual, but very well-dressed casual.”
Cepeda goes to Italy about once a year to find emerging companies with new looks to bring to his clients while the companies come to him at least twice a year. Cepeda handpicks each fabric for the upcoming season about seven to eight months ahead of time.
“That’s where the expertise comes in,” said Cepeda, explaining how he picks out the clothing. “You have to know your sizes and your cliental.”
Cepeda says the most popular suit in stock at the moment is a contemporary fit from Pal Zileri, which he claims is one of the best brands in the world and very rare to find on Long Island.
“Our ties are very unique,” said Cepeda. “We carry Italo Ferretti ties which are very exclusive. I pick no more than two ties of the same color, so I have a big collection. But when you buy a tie from me, you will never see it anywhere else. I only buy two and the chances are one of them are going outside of the area because I have customers from all over the country, so you will never see anybody else wearing them.”
An on-site tailor and customization allow Baldini for Men to stand out from other high-end men’s clothing stores. With about 3,000 fabrics to choose from, everything in the store can be made to a client’s specifications. From customizable buttons to shirts, customers will find whatever they are looking for, said Cepeda.
“I have a good following from Dino Baldini in the city and I have customers from all over the US,” said Cepeda. “They trust me enough that I can select the clothing for them already finished. Some of them we send them some of the clothing to see if they like it. But I already know their tastes, so I know they’re going to like it. We keep all the customers’ measurements on file, so if a customer needs a specific garment such as a tuxedo or suit, I am able to supply them with it within 24 to 48 hours.”
In-stock on the rack suits range in price anywhere from $800 to about $3,500 while made-to-measure suits start around $1,000 and can go up to $6,000 depending on the manufacturer and the fabric. Cepeda is able to sell the same suits sold in the Manhattan Dino Baldini at about a 25% lower price.
“I wanted to choose Long Island because the rent price is probably about one-tenth of the city. That reflects also in my pricing of the garments because in the city, you have to put the rental and the overheads in your pricing, so the prices there are a lot higher,” said Cepeda. “So for example, a suit that we would sell on Madison Avenue for about $1,500, we are able to offer here for about $1,100. We give you the same quality, maybe better service because we are local and you get nice savings.”
For more information about the fine Italian clothing store, visit www., their Facebook page Baldini for Men or their Instagram @baldiniformen. Baldini for Men is located at 378 Plandome Rd. in Manhasset.

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