Another Year Of Manhasset Moms

Mothers Group of Manhasset meet the Manhasset Chamber of Commerce: Meredith DiCocco, left, Antoinetta Manzi, Jaime Lambros, Lina Gromley and Maria Brown. (Photo courtesy Shop Manhasset)

A new mom is never alone in Manhasset.

The Mother’s Group of Manhasset is a group for moms and by moms. It allows new moms in the community, or new residents with children elementary school aged or younger, to join a group of women in similar stages of life. Many say they have met their best friends through this club through the many activities, including play groups, children events, couple events and events just for the moms.

“The Mother’s Group of Manhasset has been around for quite a number of years, likely since the early 2000s, and it’s been a really special group that really gathers and attracts moms and new families to getting the kids together,” Jaime Lambros, the president of the group said.

Lambros is the new president of the group, which has a schedule that runs in tandem with the school year. There will be a moms-only outdoor kickoff event on Sept. 23 that will feature donated food from local vendors in town.

But last year, the Mother’s Group of Manhasset was a little different than in years past because of the pandemic. “Some of the events that we traditionally did had to be all new and a little outside of the box,” Lambros said. “Because of people’s hesitation with the pandemic and everything, we did not have a huge membership. But we tried to do what we could.”

This year, as residents learn to adapt to a new normal, Lambros is hoping to reintroduce old and popular events, like the Fall Festival and the annual holiday Cookie Exchange, while keeping on pandemic-era events like the family outdoor movie nights.

“We really feel it’s important to bring that sense of community back, especially for the moms in our community, just with everything going on,” Lambros said. “Who was homeschooling? Who was working a full time job while trying to manage a house and a family without a ton of support? We really want to bring that sense of community back and offer this group and that camaraderie with other moms that they’re not alone. There are neighbors here to help and it’s a good way to meet new people.”

Lambros herself joined four years ago after moving to Manhasset from New Jersey. Her real estate agent had recommended to Lambros that she join the group. With two children under the age of two at the time, she began attending the play groups.

“For new moms especially we offer an infant playgroup which basically is for any mom with a new baby from zero to the time that they’re walking,” Lambros said. “With COVID restrictions, obviously, we were doing just outside meet-ups last year or meeting at a park to do walks.”

Toddler playgroups, for children who can walk up to kindergarten age, are also offered by the group.

“They are such a great opportunity to meet other families and meet other moms who are in the same type of stage that you’re in,” Lambros said. “It’s nice to meet someone, just to have a buddy to go through that stage with.”

Amy Fathers, who is known as a “veteran member” or the group and holds a board member position, said that when she moved to Manhasset in 2015, she joined the group.

“I just think the mother’s group was a really good way to meet other moms in town through the play groups and moms nights and just some of the other events they were having,” Fathers said. “There was always something happening with the group. It’s really super active and a really fantastic way for moms who are new in town, or even those who have been in town for years, to meet other moms and introduce their kids.”

Fathers added that the moms she has met have become her friends, and their kids have become friends as well.

“I joined when I moved to Manhasset in February of 2020,” Patti Hughes, a newer member and the head of the toddler playgroup. “Luckily I was able to get in a few playgroups with my son Aidan who is two now, but at that point he was only six months old before COVID hit. So it was great to have met a few moms going into COVID just to have a little contact in the community.”

Hughes said she was excited to experience the annual events this year that were canceled last year and to meet more mom friends.

Events that members can expect are:

-Moms Night Out
-Ladies’ Monthly Book Club
-Annual Cookie Exchange
-Breakfast With Santa
-Fall Festival
-Mom Meet Ups
-Couple Events
-Workout Events
-Easter Egg Hunt
-Ice Cream Social

Visit to learn more and join.


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