Anonymous Is Not Helpful


It’s a lot harder to educate people than to scare people.
There is a negative, destructive, faceless group at work here in Manhasset whose intent is to poison the well of education in our school district. This faceless force will grasp for anything to generate airtime and attention. To grab attention, it deliberately and wrongly twists words and intentions of those who mean well and speak based on widely available facts.
It is telling that this anonymous group regularly chooses to avoid substantive facts regarding school issues, currently the facts regarding the December 3 bond vote, and rather chooses to attack individually and focus on perceived insults.
Anonymous attacks are bullying and are deplorable, despicable and disappointing. Naming members of our community who have the courage to own and voice their opinions and sign their names in writing to constructive thoughts is cowardly. Attacking while choosing to operate behind a veil of anonymity is low, deceitful and disgraceful. That this minuscule subset of our community strives to undermine and dismantle constructive and substantive debate and the exchange of ideas regarding our high performing and highly respected public schools is disturbing. Whatever their intent I can assure you it’s not for the benefit or interest of our children.
I refuse to let an anonymous group scare our community and hijack constructive discussions regarding what is best for our public schools! Informed debate and constructive dialogue are fundamental to our strong democracy and the continued excellence of our fine schools. Collaborative and constructive teamwork have accomplished and built so much and will continue to accomplish and build great things for our community.
Let’s work constructively together using facts to keep our schools great. Let’s work together to educate our neighbors with the facts. Let’s show our community that we care about future excellence for our schools and appropriate spaces for student learning. Let’s pass this bond on Wednesday December 3rd!
Dino Moshova
P.A.S.S. – Parent Aligned to
Support our Schools


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