Aggressive Manhasset Park District Policies


    I am writing to warn everyone in town about the new aggressive policies of the Manhasset Park District at the Manhasset Train Station.

    On Sunday afternoon, Sept. 14, I picked up my 78 year old mother from the Manhasset Train Station, where she was due to arrive at 12:58 p.m. At 1 p.m., as my mother was climbing the stairs with her suitcase, a police officer issued me a summons for stopping my car in the “no standing” area.

    I explained to him that my elderly mother was climbing the stairs from the train (in fact she walked right past him during this conversation). He was extremely rude to me, and threatened to increase my ticket by another $50 if I tried to drive away before he could finish writing out his ticket. The train station was empty on a quiet Sunday afternoon. I was not blocking traffic. In fact, my mother was one of only a handful of people who got off the train. I resent being bullied by the police in my own town.

    It is completely unreasonable to have a train station where residents cannot expeditiously drop off and pick up passengers. I will have my day in court at the end of October (the date on my summons). In the meantime, I encourage all Manhasset residents to contact the Park District to restore civility at the train station. I’m disgusted.

    Nina Vincoff


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