A Vote For Bua Is A Vote For Manhasset

As someone who has known Frank Bua for 35 years, I was thrilled to hear that he is running for the Manhasset Board of Education. He is a perfect candidate with all the right instincts to help successfully navigate the complex issues that come before the board.
Our first meeting was as participants in his high school goal setting committee. He was the student rep, and I was a parent rep. Frank was wise beyond his years and contributed to the committee in a mature, thoughtful manner. When we renewed our acquaintance 20 years later, it was as colleagues in the Great Neck Public Schools. We worked together as teachers for another 20 years.
Frank is, above all, a student advocate. He is the kind of teacher we all want as parents—smart, interesting, communicative, and unendingly caring. But what makes him even more unique is that in whatever leadership role he’s held, from shared decision making to serving as a teacher representative, is his ability to bridge the divide, find common ground and move forward together with a greater sense of collaborative buy-in. Frank doesn’t ask for thanks or respect; he earns it with his work ethic, open mind, and heart. I have observed him working collegially with students, parents, staff, and administration. He‘s savvy, he does his homework, and his agenda is transparent and consistent: the best interests of the students. Always.
As a current school board member myself in a neighboring community, I understand the complexities that come with the job. Knowing Frank as I do, I believe his keen sense of observation, ability to listen, accessibility and accountability, willingness to roll up his sleeves and tackle the hard issues, sense of civic duty and sense of humor make him exceptionally qualified to serve on the Manhasset school board. The community would be lucky to have him.
Frank is a bridge and emissary from the glory days of Education in North Shore Nassau to the present. He knows what is and understands what could be—precisely the vision we want in our leaders.
A vote for Frank Bua is a vote for Manhasset.
—Donna Peirez


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