A Special Thank You From MHS Class Of 2018


By all accounts, the kids had a terrific time at the Junior Prom, and the Class of 2018 Frolic Fundraiser that evening was wonderfully successful as well. In fact, there are many thank yous in order, beginning and ending with Barbara and Karlo Duvnjak, who so very generously opened their beautiful home to the entire grade. Our more than gracious hosts welcomed and provided food and drinks for well over 100 guests. They made everything easy and fun, and we could not have done it without them.

Likewise, we could not have pulled off such a fun and successful evening without the volunteers who donated so much, including their time. A special thank you to Renee McMahon and Margaret Palmadessa for helping with the check-in and running the 50/50 raffle (again). Tasty treats and “extras” were provided by Kristen Rielly, Seval La Rocca, Caroline Kenlon, Karen Torborg, Dee Maleno, Margaret Palmadessa, Linda Phelps, Chris Roberts, Nancy Albanese, Becky Donahue, Pam Giacobbe, Traci Clinton, Laura Kowalski, Michaela Sheridan, Tara Baranello, Caroll Thorpe, Joanne Anderson, Bethanne DeMatteis, Kim Newman, Lauren DeCastro, Jamie Chang, Jeanine Ferrone, Katie McEnroe, Sarah Beresheim, Heather Menzies, Margo Coleman, Janine Petracca and James Goldrick.
Finally, we would like to thank A&F Market, Flower Shop, Munsey Park Bagel, WatChuWanWonton.com and Culinary Architect Catering for their generous donations. Let’s continue to thank these generous establishments with our patronage.

We look forward to enjoying other activities and events with such a wonderful group of parents over the course of the next year and a half, as our children continue to enjoy and make memories at Manhasset High School.

—Mary Bellucci and Kim Kuester,
2018 MHS Grade Level Chairs


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