80-Foot Poles Coming Soon


If you have traveled on Searingtown Road into Port Washington recently, you can’t help but notice the 80 foot poles jutting into the skyline taller than any tree. The poles are being rapidly erected and will markedly change the landscape irrevocably. The poles similar to one seen in industrial areas are twice the size of current poles which are 40 feet in height.

According to PSEG, the purpose of this project is to improve the reliability of electric service to the area by replacing 200 existing utility poles with taller, wider, and stronger poles capable of withstanding 130 mph winds, greater than what was experienced during Superstorm Sandy.

Manhasset resident have the opportunity to attend a public information workshop on Monday, March 24 at 7 p.m. at the Harbor Links Clubhouse in Port Washington, regarding the replacement of utility poles from 40 feet to 80 feet by PSEG Long Island. However, by the time the meeting occurs these poles will be irrevocably part of the landscape and will be too late to change.

According to recent meeting hosted by the Town of North Hempstead, Port Washington citizens are up in arms about the project. In Southhampton, they did succeed in compromising and having the residents pay for some part of the putting the wires underground.

PSEG Long Island President David Daly recently spoke with Port Washington residents and said it would look into planting trees along the areas being impacted by the new tall poles. As evidenced by the photos taken, It is impossible for these towering poles to be hidden.

East Hampton residents and officials met are up in arms and met with PSEG on Friday to devise alternatives to the overhead cable on poles up to 65 feet high, and how moving the project underground could be financed.

PSEG Long Island will provide a brief overview on the project, followed by an informational session where booths will be staffed by experts on different topics including engineering, tree trimming and replanting, road closures and health concerns.

Please call 311 or 516-869-6311 if you have any questions.


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  1. I would rather have the ugly poles than be without power for three weeks!!! what did everyone forget Hurricane Sandy already? and to put the lines underground…the best solution, no one will want to pay for it…so PSEG is doing their job…correcting the horrible lack of maintanence from the past…


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