February 14 marks St. Valentine’s Day, or, simply, Valentine’s Day. This pagan holiday is celebrated by many to show their love or affection to others. Truly, this romanticized holiday has become much more than its history, which is based on a priest who was martyred during the third century. Today, it is celebrated with the exchange of gifts such as chocolate-covered strawberries, cards, candies and flowers.

Background of Valentines day celebration with champagne, rose, heart shaped present and red candies.

Manhasset is the perfect place to find that unique gift for your special valentine, whether your spouse, significant other, child, your child’s teacher or a playmate, or anyone you deem special. Don’t know what to get that special someone? Well, shopping local scores you the best opportunities for the perfect gift. Here is a list of the extraordinary gifts available from Manhasset merchants who know the local community so well and can best advise customers on the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.
Meaningful gifts don’t have to be expensive. They can be handmade or even custom-made. The thought behind the gift is what is important. Did you really nail how you felt about your loved one? Finding creative ways to express your love can be the most important gift you could ever give.
Don’t put a price tag on a gift. Create an experience that they will never forget while you’re giving them that small gift. If you really want to make your Valentine’s Day gift memorable and perfect, don’t just buy a gift. Make an experience out of the whole thing.
Say It With Flowers
Town and Country Florists at 53 Manhasset Ave. has a plethora of brilliant blooms to say “I love you” or “Happy Valentine’s Day” to that special person in your life. With live roses and cut floral arrangements to plant baskets and more, fresh flowers are always the best and last the longest to show your ardor. Robert and Karin Stainkamp have been in business for years and have provided the community with a bounty of blooms in that time. For a list of Manhasset florists, visit the Manhasset Chamber of Commerce website at www.manhassetny.org.
Chocolate Works at 346 Plandome Rd. has the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for children and adults. The shop is like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory coming to life with fresh strawberries dipped in delicious Belgian chocolate to a gourmet assortment of confectionery delights including chocolate roses and so much more. All the chocolate is gluten-free and for those who can’t have sugar, there are sugar-free chocolates. Chocolate-covered strawberries need a bit of advance notice to ensure the availability of fresh fruit, so call 516-627-2340 to order.
Cards and gifts
Raindew at 465 Plandome Rd. is the ultimate gift store with a wide variety of cards, gifts and anything you can possibly think of to celebrate this wonderful holiday. The Americana Manhasset is your premier destination for a fantastic Valentine’s gift that will never be forgotten. With exclusive retailers that are world-renowned, it is the perfect venue to find that extraordinary gift.
Sharing A Meal
Manhasset has numerous restaurants about town. Breakfast is a wonderful time to sit down with your sweetheart. The International House of Pancakes at 1586 Northern Blvd. is a good beginning. There are numerous options on Plandome Road all providing a wonderful opportunity to make your day special.
Toasting To Love
Champagne truly makes the day special and pairs extremely well with chocolate-covered strawberries. Barrel Grapes at 1677 Northern Blvd. can help you find the perfect grape to toast this special day with your valentine.
For a list of Manhasset merchants and businesses who can make your Valentine’s Day special, visit the Manhasset Chamber of Commerce website and view the online directory of businesses at www.manhassetny.org.

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