12/3 Bond For Our Schools


If we care about remaining a high performing school district, our community needs to pass this bond on Wednesday, December 3rd.  I have two 7th graders (Class of 2020) and one 5th grader (class of 2022) , and these grades are enormous at around 310 and 270, respectively.  My kids have been subject to larger class sizes, which has not been optimal. Middle school sports teams are not meeting the demand, and I wish the kids had a place to go every day after school.  
The throng of kids in the secondary school hallways between classes is overwhelming, and I liken it to NYC streets and subway corridors at rush hour.  The bond will not change the crowds, but it will enable classroom and cafeteria spaces to better meet the needs of all these kids.  Now kids get study halls instead of classes because there are not enough spaces for seats:  also not optimal.  Our arts program is outstanding, but the musicians need room to practice together and to perform.  Our science and arts classrooms are outdated and too small.  How can Manhasset keep up with the demands of Common Core and remain competitive with STEM efforts if our children are working in outdated labs and cannot perform experiments that meet current standards?
The elementary schools are packed. I do not want my youngest – or any other Manhasset student – subject to overcrowded conditions and outdated facilities for the remainder of his and their schooling.  I moved here from the city for smaller class sizes and a chance for a superior public school education in optimal facilities.  Enrollment may appear to be declining for younger years, but this evolves.  I know because I watched it happen to both grades (class 2020, class 2022) after 3rd grade.  People move here constantly and there is no reason that won’t continue. In addition, enrollment will increase when proposed Inisfada homes are built which are zoned for our schools.
Do you know the facts of the entire plan?  The district is not looking to build a ‘state of the art’ building for administration.  They will renovate an existing structure so that they can make room for our children under the same roof where they are already. The administration should move to the bus garage, not the children.
The way I see it is that this bond lays groundwork for Manhasset’s future, and it enables more educational opportunities for our kids.  If we are a community that really does care about education and our schools, it is a no brainer to support this bond.
Zari Ginsburg

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