Winter Break Gives You A Chance To Breathe


This year started off slowly but seemed to gather considerable speed after the inauguration. Events were rolling at a fast pace by the end of January and with no real breaks. The year has a short break this week. Numerous families have booked vacations away in sunny, tropical climates or have headed to the slopes for a bit of fun in the snow. Traffic on the highways are significantly lighter.

At first I didn’t appreciate what it meant to go to a destination location and enjoy the activities of the locale being visited. It was a lot of work finding the ideal vacation spot at the best price, shopping for airfares, hotels and rental cars but I did notice the difference on my family. Getting away from the computer, phone, work and internet device made my significant other look years younger.

You don’t need to take an airplane to get away, you can also drive. The major headache is getting out of the New York City area.

Better yet, explore Long Island. My coworker recently discovered Sagamore Hill a museum in Cove Neck, which was the home of 26th President of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt. We are blessed to have a National Park in our backyard. She loved to explore the natural surroundings and walking the paths all the way to the water. The locale is very popular and the tours get sold out very quickly, but you can still enjoy the visit regardless. This is a national treasure in our own backyard.

Bottom line, take a break from the everyday and experience the beauty of the world—you deserve it.



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