USS Manhasset On Display At Manhasset Public Library

Maggie Gough, director of Manhasset Public Library with John Garo Derderian

The USS Manhasset, a U.S. Coast Guard vessel, served on weather patrol and convoy escort in the North Atlantic during World War II. The crew of the Manhasset gathered vital weather information used in compiling forecasts for Allied European operations, patrolled for German submarines and U-boats and acted as escort for Allied convoys.

The model replica of the USS Manhasset was lent to the library by John Garo Derderian in honor of his father and his three uncles, all of whom are veterans of WW II. Derderian’s father John and his uncle George served in the U.S. Army while his uncles Charles and Robert served in the U.S. Coast Guard.

Derderian entrusted this ship to the Manhasset Public Library in the belief that “Quality in a community depends to a great extent upon the information available in its libraries. Better education makes citizens and better citizens make a better country in which to live.”




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