Town Approves Capital Plan


The Town of North Hempstead’s 2018-22 Capital Plan, which includes $91 million of infrastructure investment and a nearly $1 million increase from last year for sidewalk repair, was unanimously approved. The town will fund the 2018 expenditures with $8.1 million of additional long-term borrowing, after accounting for grants and existing funding. Federal and state grants provide $10.5 million over the five years, as the town continues to apply for grants to help fund future projects.

The approved plan contains funding for improvements to sports fields, upgrades to parks, the continuation of design plans for North Hempstead Beach Park and $4.2 million for extensive road re-paving throughout the town that will total $21 million over the course of the five-year plan. In addition, funding of $100,000 for road drainage major emergencies has been included.

“This year’s five-year Capital Plan continues to focus on a wide variety of infrastructure projects for the town,” said Town Supervisor Judi Bosworth. “As any homeowner knows, most maintenance projects are not glamorous, but they are very necessary and that is what we try to address with our five-year Capital Plan. It is our goal to keep the town structurally sound and safe and to maintain a great quality of life into the future.”

In Manhasset, included in the capital fund is an increase in the available parking at Manhasset Valley Park. Project completion would require the acquisition of a portion of the Nassau County Department of Public Works yard that is located adjacent to the park and the town is in discussion with the county for this purpose. Also included are reparations of the Leeds Pond Culvert, the widening of High Street at the intersection at Community Drive to allow for the creation of a turning lane and the removal and replacement of sidewalk along the west side of Plandome Road over the LIRR station.

Some of the other new projects added this year include the installation of a new spray pad and playground at Mary Jane Davies Park in Manhasset, improvements of the grounds at Whitney Pond Park, restoration of the wetlands at North Hempstead Beach Park, concrete road reconstruction, drainage improvements to roads throughout the town, roof replacement at the Denton Avenue Department of Public Works and new vehicles for the town’s Code Enforcement.

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